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Foldable Android Smartphone Coming 2019!

And just the other day after class I had a Smartphone client ask me “when are they going to have a phone that folds so that it turns into a tablet so we can see the screen better?” You won’t have to wait long now! In 2019 the Android Smartphone maker Samsung will be manufacturing and selling to the masses their new “Foldable” phone! Of course I just bought a new tablet, BUT I’m looking forward to this newly designed Smartphone! I can’t wait to tell my clients in all my classes to be on the look-out for it. Just one more wonderful User-friendly feature for those over 50 which will make using the Android easy!

Here’s a link you click on that I’ve provided below for a great article on this topic, or you can do an internet search on “Samsung Foldable Phone” and find several other articles on this topic.

Stay Connected, Independent, and Safe using your Smartphone!



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Sanitize your Smartphones during Cold &                          Flu Season!

We’re in the worst Flu and Cold season in 13 years according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. Therefore I highly recommend sanitizing your smartphone frequently during the next couple months. How? 2 steps: 1) use a common sanitary wipe which kills 99.9% of germs and 2) immediately dry completely with a paper towel or soft cloth. How frequently? It could be daily depending on where you have been, if you used your phone while you were out of the house, if you let someone else touch your phone, if you were around someone else who is sick, etc.

You can buy a box of individual sanitary wipes at your local grocery to have some at the office, in your kid’s lunchbox, in your car, purse, etc. You don’t want to get your phone dripping wet, so you may need to wring-out the sanitary wipe if necessary.

Take good care!



Electronic Health Records

Medical Test Results and Records Moving to Digital Online Access Only

This I know:

If you don’t know how to use a computer or your Smartphone, you can’t get your medical test results or access your medical records. More and more hospitals and clinics are expecting you to access these medical documents online.

It finally caught-up with me a month ago when I was waiting for the results of a medical test in the U.S. Mail. After a few weeks I called them to let them know I hadn’t received them yet. They told me “we don’t mail medical results out any more, and you need to access them through our portal.” Nobody had mentioned this to me before. I gave them my email address so they could send me instructions where to go and how to login. And so it began.

In 2009 the Federal Government gave the medical community a mandate to move from a paper system to a digital system, which includes accessing your medical test results and records online, with the passing of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH). Read more about it on the Central of Disease Control site:

So now I’m responsible for keeping track of my medical records in digital form on my computer, and if I want paper copies I need to print them out. This is another reason, folks, to make sure you have updated anti-virus software on your computers so the bad guys can’t get your records off your computer.

The medical digital age is our present and our future. So we need to stay-on-top of technology to help keep track of our medical care. It is, what it is. If you need some help staying up-to-date with your technology training needs please contact me at:

Together we’ll make it through!