Memory Health

Here’s an excerpt from the article I published in Healthy Cells Magazine, August 2017 for ways you can use technology to help improve your memory. The link to the entire article is at the end of this Blog post.

“Memory: Improve it with Technology”

The brain changes as we age and memory skills may start to decline. But the brain is like a muscle and the more we use it, the stronger it becomes.  Learning new skills throughout our lifetime is one way to improve brain function and strengthen our memory.  Furthermore, the ability to learn does not decrease with age! Multiple studies have shown that memory is improved and cognitive decline is reduced when the brain is challenged by learning a new activity such as playing an instrument, learning a foreign language, taking up a hobby such as photography, learning how to use a Smartphone, and the list goes on.

One of the biggest challenges that older adults face is learning to use technology. And technology – specifically cell phones and computers –  plays such an important role in our lives, that older adults who aren’t using technology often find themselves missing out on vital communication with family and friends.

For older adults – or adults of any age – learning to use a smart phone and/or a computer offers many benefits.  The simple act of learning something new helps to strengthen the brain, which includes strengthening memory skills, and actually using the technology can help compensate for memory decline.

Click here to read the rest of this article from Healthy Cells Magazine to find out ways you can benefit by taking a class and learn how to use your Smartphone to be better connected, happier, more confident, and help improve your memory!