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This program airs live, each month on the 3rd Thursday, 11:00 – 11:30 a.m. Listen to the live show or podcasts below on how you can use technology to enhance your life and your memory.

Nancy Komlanc, The Tech Tutor, discusses “General Tips” on using Smartphones: advantages, how to safe money using your Smartphone, how to organize your “Home Screen”, General Tips, and “Nancy’s Favorite Apps” to help keep you safe!

Show date: 4-19-2018


Nancy Komlanc, The Tech Tutor, discusses her list of favorite Apps that can help you be safer. Learn more about which tornado warning App and spam caller blocking App she recommends!

Show date: 3-15-2018


Need help with your smart phone or tablet because you just can’t figure it out? Don’t want a Smartphone, but are told you need to have one? Nancy Komlanc, The Tech Tutor, talks about why we all need to stay up to date with technology and offers classes to help you do it. Learn more at her website: . Join us for our monthly series “Connect thru Tech”, the 3rd Thursday, 11:00 – 11:30 a.m. (CST), AM 1230.

Show date:  2-15-2018


Expert on Aging, Nancy Komlanc, offers tips to help people over 50 stay connected in the digital age. Nancy shares “Tips” for buying a Smartphone for the over 50 age group by comparing phone types and some of their features:  Icon sizes, Speed-dialing, and the Back-up button capability. Listen to find out which Smartphone type (Android or iPhone)is proven easier to use and better for adults over 50 according to research.

Show date:  12-12-2017


“Memory: Improve it with Technology”

The brain changes as we age and memory skills may start to decline. But the brain is like a muscle and the more we use it, the stronger it becomes.  Learning new skills throughout our lifetime is one way to improve brain function and strengthen our memory. Click the link for the article I published in Healthy Cells Magazine, August 2017 for ways you can use technology to help improve your memory.

Senior woman using mobile phone while sitting on sofa. Older woman sitting on sofa and texting a phone message. Portrait of a beautiful elderly woman learning to use smartphone.