Private Tutoring

I offer patient, customized private tutoring in Central IL on how to use your Smartphone, Tablet, Social Media, Shop on-line safely, Windows computer and Microsoft Office software, organize your Photos, download E-Books, and more.

With Customized Tutoring you will receive a Step-by-Step booklet of instructions that we will follow during our tutoring session(s) that you will be able to take home with you!

I offer tutoring on various topics including:

  • Learning the Basics of your Android Smartphone
    • Organizing your Home Screen
    • Making and Answering the Phone
    • Adding Contacts
    • Moving and deleting unnecessary Icons
    • Text messaging
  • Mastering your Android Smartphone:  Apps, Photos, Video-chatting, etc.
  • How to stay connected using Social Media:  FaceBook and LinkedIn
  • Shopping on-line safely
  • Downloading E-Books on your tablet and setting-up auto-payment with Amazon

Please fill-out the form on the “Contact Us” tab of this website’s homepage to find out more about getting customized Private Tutoring or order a Gift Certificate to help you or a loved-one stay connected to the world.